Info & Rules

Venue and opening hours

TCBW venue is located at Kultuurikatel, Põhja pst. 27a, Tallinn

We recommend arriving by foot or public transport. The venue is located less than 1 minute walk from a tram and bus stop and 10 minutes from the main railway station.

Beers will be served from 16:00 to 21:45 on both days and the venue closes at 22:00.

Tickets and wristbands

There are two kinds of tickets — 2-day festival passes and one day tickets separately for Friday and Saturday.

Tickets will be exchanged for wristbands at the Põhjala Tap Room (Peetri str. 5) on Thursday from 16—20 and Friday from 12—15, as well as at the venue on the day of the event, starting 30 min before the opening time.

We urge guests to arrive early, in order to avoid queuing. There will be a separate fast track entrance for wristband holders

Wristbands are personal and must not be taken off. Wristbands showing signs of tampering will be void and entry will be denied

Guests can enter the festival venue with a valid wristband as many times as they wish

It is forbidden to be in the festival venue without a valid wristband and such guests will be removed from the venue by security staff

At the venue

Entry is from age 18 years and up

Guests will receive a festival glass and leaflet with their wristbands. The leaflet contains information about participating breweries and their beers with approximate serving times (subject to change without notice). There will be one glass per guest and it can be used for all beer tastings. Guests can wash their glasses at provided water stations

All the beers inside the venue are free for guests with wristbands. Mostly, serving size is 50 ml, in order to avoid serious intoxication. Visibly drunk and/or aggressive guests will be expelled from the venue without the right to re-entry and their wristband will be removed by the security staff

At least one representative of the brewery will be present at the respective stand. These people can answer all your questions about the beers. The brewers will be assisted by local volunteers

Every brewery is bringing 8 different beers. Every brewery will have two taps, meaning that everyone will start serving two beers and will switch kegs around half way through the event. Half of the beers will be served on Friday and the other half on Saturday. The beer list is available on the festival web page:

Festival organisers give no guarantees that every guest will be able to taste every beer. It is common at festivals like this that the most popular beers run out earlier. To avoid disappointment, arrive early, make a list of beers you absolutely want to try and start with these


There will be food trucks located in the back yard of the venue

All food vendors are independent companies, operating separately of the event organiser. Event organiser assumes no responsibility for transactions with food vendors.

Drinking and rinsing water

There are rinsing and drinking water tanks inside the venue. Water stations are located in various spots around the beer halls. Tap water is of very good quality and totally safe to drink.

Toilets, smoking area and wardrobe

There are several blocks of toilets inside the venue on different floors

Smoking inside the venue is prohibited. There is a designated smoking area by the food trucks at the back of the venue

Wardrobe is located on the basement level of the venue and is free for guests. It is an ungarded self-service wardrobe.

Security policy

Please be kind to your fellow visitors, volunteers and people of all kinds, we don’t tolerate any harassment, violence or discrimination.

Security service is provided by OÜ Meeskond Security, contact:

In order to ensure a good atmosphere and security of the guests, security policy will be polite, but strict:

The venue cannot be accessed by guests who:

Security guards have the right to expel guests from the venue if they:

The wristbands of expelled guests will be removed, and re-entry denied. Such guests will not have the right to claim refund for the ticket from the event organiser.

Guest Breweries

Arpus (Riga, Latvia)
Barrier (Oceanside, NY, USA)
Basqueland Brewing (Hernani, Euskal Herria)
Bevog (Bad Radkersburg, Austria)
Birrificio Italiano (Lurago Marione, Italy)
Brewski (Helsingborg, Sweden)
Brouwerij Kees (Middelburg, Netherlands)
Cloudwater (Manchester, UK)
CoolHead (Helsinki, Finland)
DEYA Brewing Company (Cheltenham, UK)
Fast Fashion (Seattle, WA, USA)
Fauve Craft Bière (Montpellier, France)
Finback (Queens, NY, USA)
Fuerst Wiacek (Berlin, Germany)
Funky Fluid (Poland)
Gamma (Gørløse, Denmark)
Holy Mountain (Seattle, WA, USA)
Labietis (Riga, Latvia)
La Débauche (Angoulême, France)
Lervig (Stavanger, Norway)
Lindheim Ølkompani (Gvarv, Norway)
Mad Scientist (Budapest, Hungary)
Moersleutel (Alkmaar, Netherlands)
O/O Brewing (Göteborg, Sweden)
Pinta (Wieprz, Poland)
Ritual Lab (Formello, Italy)
Stigbergets (Göteborg, Sweden)
Stillwater Artisanal (Rochester, WA, USA)
StuMostow (Wrocław, Poland)
Tempest (Tweedbank, Scotland)
The Piggy Brewing Company (Liverdun, France)
To Øl (Svinninge, Denmark)
Track (Manchester, UK)
Varvar (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Verdant (Penryn, UK)
J. Wakefield Brewing (Miami, FL, USA)
Whiplash (Dublin, Ireland)

Estonian Breweries

Anderson (Tartu)
Jaanihanso Cidery (Pärnumaa)
Käbliku (Palutaja, Põlva County)
Lehe (Keila)
Purtse (Purtse, Ida-Viru County)
Põhjala (Tallinn)
Pühaste (Tartu)
Sori (Tallinn)



The event is organised by Põhjala Brewing AS, Peetri 5, Tallinn 10415

Persons in charge: Hans Üürike. Contact: