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Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend is cancelled.

Due to the state of emergency declared by the Estonian Government until May 1st (included) in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, we regrettably have to cancel this year’s festival.

We trust the experts who say that in order to overcome this crisis, we have to implement social distancing and stay home. This helps to flatten the curve of infections, thus avoiding overburdening the healthcare system and, most importantly, save lives.

Also, it is highly unikely that our guest breweries will make it here by early May, as travel restrictions (both self and government imposed) are widespread all over the world, and, according to experts, the peak of infections has not yet arrived. Without our guest brewers, the festival just wouldn’t be the same.

Postponing the event is unfortunately not doable, as travel plans are made 6-12 months ahead and the availability of a suitable venue in the second half of this year is almost non-existent.

Ticket information

We are organizing the festival again on April 30th-May 1st, 2021 and all this year’s tickets will be valid.

We understand that not everyone can change their plans or plan ahead so long, so we offer a full refund to anyone who chooses so.

In order to get a refund, please do the following:

TCBW is close to non-profit, as we have organized the event first and foremost in order to develop the Estonian craft beer scene. We will incur substantial losses from this cancellation that are not covered by insurance due to force majeure. If you wish to help us to mitigate this financial burden, please consider not asking for a refund and using your ticket next year. This will also save you the anxiety of securing a ticket for 2021, as they will be in even shorter supply, due to 2020 tickets being valid. Additionally, we will probably have to slightly increase the ticket price next year and keeping your 2020 ticket will also save you money if you are planning to visit TCBW 2021.

We apologize deeply for any inconvenience caused by this unfortunate cancellation and hope to meet you all next year.

Stay safe!